Football Betting

The popularity of football has spread to all corners of the globe, allowing men and women of all ages to appreciate the world game. Whether you are playing football, or simply watching it, football betting is a huge part of the game nowadays.

It is an extreme rarity to find any professional football team that is not sponsored by a major betting company. In the English Premier League alone, Fulham is sponsored by Bodog, and Stoke City has ties with Bet365. Almost every other club in the league is associated with a betting firm, whether as a major partner, or a simple billboard sponsor.

Football betting itself is extremely easy to do, and there are plenty of reputable online sportsbooks that will provide you with the weekly odds of upcoming matches. Depending on where you reside, you will be able to choose between Fractional odds, Decimal odds, or American odds.

Regular season matches will offer a simple list of betting options that include a handicap, moneyline, and total.

  Handicap Moneyline Total
Arsenal -1 10/11 4/7 3 Over 5/6
Draw   3/1  
Tottenham +1 10/11 17/4 3 Under 1/1

You can make a wager on any of these lines, or a combination of them all.

Bigger matches, however, offer more than simplistic moneylines. Instead, there are exciting betting opportunities that would normally not be available. First to score, first to be sent off, half-time result, most yellow cards, man of the match; all of these things and more are available at different online sportsbooks in anticipation of high profile football matches.

Speaking of high profile games, the most popular football event, in betting terms and in general, is the World Cup. The 2010 South Africa World Cup is sure to break the record for most wagers throughout a football tournament, and with such high stakes for each nation, it is easy to see how online wagering can increase the excitement of each and every game.

Football betting has risen in popularity with the success of the Internet, and looks set to continue the trend with the upcoming World Cup. Betting online is extremely simple, quick, and lucrative, so start backing your favourite club today!